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Khedive Palace

Khediv Palace (from Hıdiv Kasrı's website) We visited Khedive Palace last April in 2013. Khedive Palace is (" Hıdiv Kasri " as in Turkish) located on the Asian side of  Bosphorus in Istanbul. The Palace welcomes you in with its big garden. There are a lot of to see as you walk down from the footpath towards to the view of Bosphorus . Playgrounds, walking path for everyone, tea houses, botanic shop, fountains, birds and squirrels  are at this lovely park. No need to mention about the enjoy of looking over Istinye Bay as you have a tour around with children. Overview of Istinye Bay from Khediv Palace This western style constructed Ottoman Palace makes you feel like crossing to another world. Just then I hear my daughter calling "Mom, Knight is going to save me from this tower" and my son is saying "Look mom there is a clock tower, I am going to see that" and he runs. Of course my daughter too. I do not worry because I know where to find

Rahmi Koç Museum

entrance of Rahmi Koç Museum Last November, we visited "Rahmi Koç Museum" with the friend of my son and his mother.  Despite the cold and cloudy weather of Istanbul, what a beautiful day it was. Rahmi Koç Museum lays on the shore of   Golden Horn at Hasköy.  It was restored from a couple of old and ruined alcohol and tobacco storage buildings, Hasköy shipyard and Lengerhane building which is a second grade historic building.  There are a lot of collections exhibited...Generally these consists of collected samples of materials or devices of the evolution history of industry, science, transport and communication.  Through the exhibition you will find very good documentation of machines and will see how they operate lively by pushing a button only. The museum compose of three departments. ( Please ask for a map of the museum at the ticket office) small model of museum Lengerhane Building (Scientific and communication utensils, machines works