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Anatolian Fortress in Istanbul

Anatolian Fortress  ( Anadolu Hisarı as written in Turkish) is located on the Asian side of Istanbul which is a very unique small village of Anatolia by the Bosphorus shoreline. The village got its name from the fortress which was built here in 1394 by Ottoman Sultan Bayezıd 1st, who was called as The Thunderbolt, to pass safely with his army from Asia to Europe. This lovely village has beautiful sights to see at your visit. Such as the creek of Göksu reaching to Marmara sea, the iconic Anatolian Fortress and Küçüksu Pavillion. Here I always feel as if the time had just stopped in era of late Ottomans. So follow my local walking tour at Anatolian Fortress to find the spirit of living in Istanbul. #1 See the beautiful Göksu River The Göksu stream reaches the sea of Marmara at Anatolian Fortress. This is the first location you can sightsee with children where you can find banks, narrow walking paths along the creek. You can also enjoy a boat tour on creek with the beau