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Naval Museum

The Naval Museum is one of the most superior museum in Turkey, in terms of richness of its collections thus a very important culturel museum in the World. The collection of the museum consists of 4 galleries, 2 exhibition rooms, kid's room, cinevision, 2 art galleries and 2 foyers. Exhibition includes The Navy in Turkey and Cartography and Navigational Instruments. Summary Of Naval Museum History In 1897, Naval Museum was established under the name of "The Museum and Library Administration Office" in a small building in the Imperial Dockyard with Sultan Abdulhamit II's permission. The museum served in various buildings regarding to conditions of that time. Finally, in 1961, the Museum was moved to a building in Beşiktaş. The historical boats collection consisting of the galley and the imperail caiques was transferred to this building. The collection was opened to public in "The Gallery of Historical Caiques" in 1971.  At the building of the mu