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Turkish and Islamic Art Museum

Tile Mosaic Panel at Turkish and Islamic Art Museum Turkish and Islamic Art Museum is the first Turkish museum covering the Turkish and Islamic art works wholly. The collection is exhibited at Ibrahim Pasha Palace which is located in Fatih village of Istanbul at Sultanahmet Square. This square had been a Hippodrome before in the ancient Roman times.   The Sultanahmet Square Who is İbrahim Pasha? As being born in Greece, Ibrahim had been a close childhood friend of Ottoman Imperor Sultan Suleyman. Ibrahim Pasha Palace, which is one of the most important samples of 16th century Ottoman civil architecture samples is on the stages of the historical hippodrome from Roman period. This building had been presented to Ibrahim Pasha by Kanuni Sultan Süleyman in 1520, who would be his grand vizier for 13 years. Turkish and Islamic Museum building had been palace for viziers and important government men for years. Ottoman civil buildings are mostly made of wooden, ho