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2014 Tulip Festival in Istanbul at Emirgan Park!!

The city of Istanbul is celebrating the 9th Tulip Festival this year. Nowadays most of the wood parks, here, have rearranged the landscape architectures with several species of tulips. The tulip was formerly a central asian flower till it had been brought to Anatolia. The flower itself been so special that even marked as an era of Ottoman Empire's history, called the " Tulip Period ". It had inspired most of the architecture, eastern mythalogy, literature, motifs used in paintings and even carpets. In 2010, Istanbul had been selected as a cultural capital city of Europe and thereafter tulip had been chosen as an emblem of the city relevant of the effects to the history's stream on this land. Emirgan Park is an urban historic park located at Emirgan neighbourhood in Sarıyer district of Istanbul. In the 17th century, Ottoman Sultan Murad IV presented the estate to Emir Güne Han , a Safavid Persian commander, who surrendered his sieged castle without any r

Sightsee of Mom at Jurassic Land

Tyranosorous The schools are at break time at February in Turkey. As all the moms here around, I also made a couple of plans for sightseeing in the city with my children. So we headed to Jurassic Land which is at Forum Mall in Istanbul. Jurassic Land is a kind of museum to understand how the dinosours lived on earth many many millions of years ago. Here, you can see how they were feeding, how their family life was, why they were sooo savage, how they born and lived and how their line of descent generated and changed and finally become extincted. We went there with curosity... As entering the park, a great dinosour's structural frame welcomed us... We all got more excited to see more... A guide leaded us to the sections of the park. Firstly to 4D theatre saloon!!! We sat down on the seats. She (our guide) explained that the movie we will be watching going to be a simulation of how the dinosours were living in the jungle. My kids and of course I got really excited. They