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A weekend with children at Zorlu Shopping Mall- Beauty and the Beast @ Zorlu PSM

Certain as the Sun
Rising in the East
Tale as old as Time
Song as old as Rhyme
Beauty and the Beeaaast!!

Summer is over :( the autumn has just started but an early winter crushed in the sunny long dayss. Being at home is all we missed after all the outdoor exercises done during summerr. So we sat and thought what to do @ weekend with children in rainy Istanbul.

There were lots of workshops for children or moviee but nehh, playing "uno" or "monopoly" ...nooo, cooky cooking @home may beee... What else could we do more exciting and different? Finally we made the decision; watching the Beauty and the Beast @ Zorlu Performing Arts Center (PAC) was just the thing we all needed!!

As all agreed we headed to Zorlu Shopping Mall (SM).  It was the last day of Beauty and the Beast. The tale and of course its theatre was a gorgeous performanceee. My son really loved it, he couldn't sit on the couch because he got really excited of the music and the visualss...
And I am/ we…