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The Istanbul Museum of Modern Art @ Bosphorus

Karaköy Port  The Istanbul Museum of Modern Art is the first to organize the exhibition of modern and contemporary art in Turkey. It was founded in 2004 located by the European side of Bosphorus at Karaköy Custom Port. Since then Istanbul Modern embraces Turkey's artistic creativity and promotos its cultural identity in the international art world. Despite being a permanent and a temporary art galleries, Istanbul Modern offers photo galleries, educational and social spaces for every age, library, restaurant, cinema and design store. Istanbul Modern encourages a creative and an interactive museum experience for its visitors.  As a result of this act, museum encouraged the frequent visitors. exhibition Through the years Istanbul Modern provided the connection with its visitors by the temporary modern art exhibits. During my visit I noticed that the museum attracts the young visitors and foreigners as well. There are mostly school students coming during weekdays. Th

A weekend with children at Zorlu Shopping Mall- Beauty and the Beast @ Zorlu PSM

Certain as the Sun Rising in the East Tale as old as Time Song as old as Rhyme Beauty and the Beeaaast!! Summer is over :( the autumn has just started but an early winter crushed in the sunny long dayss. Being at home is all we missed after all the outdoor exercises done during summerr. So we sat and thought what to do @ weekend with children in rainy Istanbul. There were lots of workshops for children or moviee but nehh, playing "uno" or "monopoly" ...nooo, cooky cooking @home may be e e ... What else could we do more exciting and different? Finally we made the decision; watching the Beauty and the Beast @ Zorlu Performing Arts Center (PAC) was just the thing we all needed!! entrance of Zorlu PAC As all agreed we headed to Zorlu Shopping Mall (SM).  It was the last day of Beauty and the Beast . The tale and of course its theatre was a gorgeous performanceee. My son really loved it, he couldn't sit on the couch because he got really excit

One of the best to see with children Sedir Island in Marmaris

the beach of the famous Cleopatra Island Cleopatra Island is a heaven on earth!!! Sea, sand, ancient ruins of Greek time, the smell of olive trees, the sun and of course the feelings that make you are in a place that is heaven :)) They say, Cleopatra and Antonius had lived a tremendous love on this island. So that Antonius did whatever to please the very beloved Cleopatra, the famous queen of ancient Egypt. He obtained the wonderful sand of Red Sea and 60 ships transferred it over to Sedir Island. This was to adjust the comfort of Cleopatra in this lovely turquise colored water. the lounge behind the beach The sand that made the island very famous nowadays. This is not similar with the one that you can find at every beach. The sand does not differ from each other as they all have the same sphere with the same measurement, incredible ha ;)) The sand can be burned by fire or can be multipled by soda. If you ever observe the sand by a magnifier, you will find that the s

Zoo in Istanbul

Istanbul had a zoo in Gulhane when I was a child. I had the best memories there with my cousins and my grandfather. I remember how we fed the giraffes with the barks of trees. In 1991, the zoo in Gulhane had been shut down because of the many complains of the living conditions of animals. (Yeah it became terrible I remember that also :(((  ) In 1993 Faruk Yalcın, the founder of Faruk Yalcın Zoo who was known as a constructor of NATO, started a bird sanctuary in Darica to conserve the species which are endangered. He succeded in wild bird life and saved.  Faruk Yalcın, developed a suitable habitat for the birds to live in a natural environment. This forming advanced the sanctuary to a botanical garden as well. By 1995, the establishment generated a tropical area and started activity on adding wild life animals to the zoo. ring taled coatis Nowadays the zoo has a mission for conserving the animal species from Anatolia which are endangered. The park has 250 different spe

Poland @ Sakıp Sabancı Museum: Distant Neighbours Close Memories

view from the garden of  Sakıp Sabancı Museum The year 2014 is being celebrated as the 600th anniversary of Turkish and Polish diplomatic and cultural relationships. Ooops 600 years, amazing huh?!! All this time these two distant countries to each other had been close in trade, education and in many other aspects of life bringing a synergy of memory at historical records. Nowadays, there are various events being held because of the anniversary. These include a cultural programme both in Poland and in Turkey. So I googled around and found the link for the activities which are going to be held during year 2014 at Istanbul, Ankara, Mardin, Bursa and İzmir the cities of Turkey; . You can search from this address and make your plan according to your interest of activity. one of the horse sculptures at the garden of museum So I with my friends, and of course with the children as well, chose to make a visit to Sakip Sabancı Museum (SSM) at Emir