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Japanese Garden in Istanbul

 I must confess that I had no interest of traveling to Japan as much as my kids wanted to. However it is changed now after our family visit to Japanese Botanic Garden located in Baltalimanı village at Istanbul. The moment we entered the garden I thought we were walking on a pinky cotton candy meadows. It was so magical that I found my dear daughter rolling over the ground and gigling as all the pinks of flowers were around her hair. So I just ran over and said "hey I mustn't miss this moment Ece please give me a big cheese". Yes I met these wonderful trees of Sakura which had pink flower blossoms, gosh they are so gorgeous! We started walking around and watch the beauty of nature. There were several different kind of trees that I never saw before, I believe they are all the botanic examples of Japan. Of course a small creek, a water fall, several stone made Japanese lanterns, a small Japan style bridge and a tea house decorated the garden. Ha