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One of the best to see with children Sedir Island in Marmaris

the beach of the famous Cleopatra Island Cleopatra Island is a heaven on earth!!! Sea, sand, ancient ruins of Greek time, the smell of olive trees, the sun and of course the feelings that make you are in a place that is heaven :)) They say, Cleopatra and Antonius had lived a tremendous love on this island. So that Antonius did whatever to please the very beloved Cleopatra, the famous queen of ancient Egypt. He obtained the wonderful sand of Red Sea and 60 ships transferred it over to Sedir Island. This was to adjust the comfort of Cleopatra in this lovely turquise colored water. the lounge behind the beach The sand that made the island very famous nowadays. This is not similar with the one that you can find at every beach. The sand does not differ from each other as they all have the same sphere with the same measurement, incredible ha ;)) The sand can be burned by fire or can be multipled by soda. If you ever observe the sand by a magnifier, you will find that the s