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Pera Museum

a collection from Pera Museum Pera Museum is a spot for locals to live Istanbul with the colour of the old Pera  ambiance. Inspite of all the historical places in Istanbul, Pera Museum offers a high quality culture and art services from Turkey and other countries. "Yıldız Moran"'s photographs were exhibiting at the museum last month. So I thought this will be a very good chance for me to see this lady's productions. I went there, of course, with my two children, and was afraid if they would be bored. However from sightsee of a mom, this place is very friendly for the families and children love since there are modern art collections which inspire their imaginations. A timeless photo from Yıldız Moran About Museum Pera Museum is a private museum, which was founded by "Suna and Inan Kırac Foundation". The building is located at the historic quarter of Tepebaşı. This was originally Bristol Hotel in the former days. Later on it was renovated by

Lovely Park of Bebek

playground of Bebek Park The weather was lovely last week. I thought it will be very good for children to go outside and play under the sun. I suggested them a couple of parks, and they chose "Bebek Park" ;)) The view, people, the mosque, the enjoyful and the restful ambiance of Bebek park....You can have a walk, can picnic, can rest at this place at any season of the year. About Bebek Park; Bebek Park is located at the shore of Bosphorous's European side and is surrounded by centuries old trees. This area had been decided to be used as public park after the Second Constitutional Era at the Ottoman Empire times. In1998, park has been renovated by Sabancı Foundation and has been renamed as Türkan Sabancı Bebek Park by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council in 2008. (For further info:  ) Hıdiva Palace Must do's: There is a big playground in the park, which is just in suita


A visit to Turkuazoo again:)) Is there anyone left that did not go to this lovely underwater World in Istanbul? I am sure most of you has already seen twice, may be more. Even so, I wanted to share my sightsee as a mom. This aqua park is one of the best in Turkey. But why? When you visit Istanbul, you will not find a good quality zoo parks like in USA or elsewhere in Europe. Turkuazoo 's conditions are very coordinated for the animals natural life. So while touring, you are not bored or tired.  Children are easily learning, entertaining and living the marine life as if in natural surroundings. These all in sum make Turkuazoo  very special. About Turkuazoo First of all, you can find a detailed information from Secondly, here goes my mom's sight see note of Turkuazoo ; Turkuazoo is a world hosting underwater creatures, that we never heard before or we know of but, have no will to see closely ;)) and more different sea themes are awaiting y