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What is the Istanbul Museum Pass?

Today, I would like to give some information about Museum Pass card.
What is the Istanbul Museum Pass? What are the advantages of this card? and must I buy one?
If you have these questions on your mind, my notes will be helpful for you.

a look from Gulhane Park to Dolmabahce Palace

What is MUSEUM PASS and what are the advantages:

This card is an access to visit the museums, historic and cultural places in Istanbul. When you get one you can enter to those places for free depending on your interests.
There are two validity options that you can buy. These are;

3 days 85 TL Free entrance to; 
  • Topkapı Palace,
  • Hagia Sophia,
  • İstanbul Archeological Museums, 
  • İstanbul Mosaic Museums, 
  • Museum for the History of Science and Technology in Islam
  • Hagia Irene Museum
5 days 115 TL in addition to the ones above Free Entrance to;
  • Galata Mevlevi House Museum, 
  • Rumeli Hisar Museum, Yıldız Palace,
  • Chora Museum and
  • Fethiye Museum

The sum of the entrances to 3 days pass total is as follows; 
Topkapı Palace: 30 TL
Hagia Sophia: 30TL
İstanbul Archeological Museum: 15 TL
Istanbul Mosaic Museum: 10 TL
Museum for the History of Science and Technology in Islam: 10 TL
Hagia Irene Museum: 20TL
Total is: 115 TL

So as you note that buying is on your advantage since it is less..

New Mosque at Eminonu

By this card you will be able to have discounts at the city's elite private museums, art and entertainment venues, such as Pera Museum, Rahmi Koc Museum, Sakıp Sabancı Museum, Faruk Yalcın Animal Kingdom and Botanical Garden, Istanbul Walks, Jurassic Land, Istanbul Cooking School and so on... (You can find the full list here)
Of course buying this card depends on your plan of visiting and your interests, so make your judgement accordingly!

Also, Museum Pass let you not to wait at the queues of the historic places and museums.

the seagulls at fishermens' dock

How to buy:
  1. You can buy online by credit card, but delivery address will be in İstanbul. (You may give the address of your hotel of which you will stay during the visit to Istanbul)
  2. If there is no delivery address in Istanbul no worry, you can buy from museums such as; Hagia Sophia, Istanbul Mosaic Museum, Topkapı Palace Museum, İstanbul Archeological Museums, Chora Museums and Museum of Turkish and Islamic Art.
The validity of the card begins with the first museum visit.
Children under 12 years of age can enter the museums for free.

Is Müzekart differs from Museum Pass?

Yes. Only nationals and foreigners with a residence permit can obtain this card. So, tourists cannot apply. 

I hope this not of mine about Museum Pass will help you during your visit İn Istanbul, so goodbye till my next note ;))

view from Sarıyer to Anatolian Castle
 where Bosphorus welcomes Black Sea

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