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Land of Legends Theme Park- Paradise for Family Vacation

The Spray Action section is a lot of fun

Heyyy Welcome to the Land of Children ;)

This is a one way ticket to live the childhood again for adults too.

Land of Legends is a water amusement park located in Antalya at southeastern of Turkey. This place is famous here as it is offering great time of aqua adventure with adrenalin for all ages.

I and my two kids been there at summer 2017. I had lots of  doubts about how the vacation is going to be with a 7 year old girl and a 10 year old boy in a really large scaled theme park. The place was thrilling me a lot. However we had wonderful family friends with us from the moment as we entered the candy crush lobby I became a marsh mellow mom all of a sudden.

So let me give you a quick brief of mom sightsee of this family friendly luxury hotel.

General Information for Concept Vacation

Land of Legends is located at Belek village in city of Antalya within 27 km away from Antalya airport.

We stayed at Kingdom Hotel for 3 nights with package including free breakfast and dinner with free drinks as well.

At the front desk you will pay a deposit for your spending through your holiday. They pin you with red bracelets so that you could be recognized as guests from hotel through theme park. This will help you to find clean towels, sunbed and a sunshade by the pool. But no worry the money will be refunded to your bank account after your check out.

The legendary amusement park is on the other side of the canal. As you entered the park make sure to load money on bracelets first for you and your kids. At all the shopping areas, restaurants and bars the bracelet is being used for shopping.

The great water adventure has lots of themes. Make sure to plan daily, because fun is always around you. Live the water waves in the heart of a lagoon, waterslides and rides, swim with water creatures, row your boat on a crazy river or catch the peace of water falls as you roll down in the boat, enjoy dolphin show or relax in a quiet lagoon.

Land of Legends is not a seashore hotel where you will find a beach. However if you are willing to swim in sunny sea of Antalya the hotel will give you a ride to Rixos Hotel at Belek, within the charge of course.

The sunbed, sunshade and towel use are free for guests of Kingdom Hotel. As you can always find them even the park is over capacity.

At every attraction of the theme park there are life guards waiting for guests of safety reasons.

At waterslides and roller coaster there is a limitation of weight and height. This is good so that your 6 year old boy cannot slide through the rocket slider. The guards will ask for permission, and even if you give they wont let any one under 150 cm height and 35 kg in weight.


Incredibly flashing out from the caricature of Asterixxx. The whole decoration is so unique, as everything organized for children's using. So do not worry about pluginns, shampoo, towels...There is a console of PSP play station in the room that you can ask from the front lobby desk as it is free for you through your stay. How wonderful isn't that!


There is an open boufet for breakfast and dinner in hotel building. The capacity of the boufet is enough and the food is always tasty. Of course you can find kitchen from world cuisine as well as you can taste the delicious Turkish traditional food. There is a seperate eating section in the restaurants for babies with their families.

There are luxury dining restaurants through the shore line of Legendary Canal. Be sure to make reservations before you go for luch or dinner.

At the amusement park you will find an open air fast food restaurant where you can have pizzas, pastas, hamburger and Turkish ravioli named as "Mantı".

My 12 tips for families staying at hotel from sight view of a mother:

  • Three night stay at Land of Legends is clearly enough for family times. If you are looking for sea vacation stay at Rixos Hotel at Belek as you can buy a daily entrance to theme park. In my point of view it is the best to stay at Kingdom Hotel to live the adventurous vacation moments.

  • I suggest to use Secret Lagoon facilities for families with babies of 0-6 years of age. The slides, the peace and of course conditions are suitable for you and your baby.

  • Families with children of teeeenager hood can camp at Infinity Pool. This place is located at center of theme park. The very famous Magicone, crazy river, wave shock and fast food restaurant is around this pool. By this children can come and see you after every attraction.

  • Some days you will notice the number of guests will increase, and will make long ques at front of every slide. So my suggestion is be at the theme park before 10 oclock and get ready for a couple of good slides time.

  • There is dolphin show every day at Waterfront Kingdom, ask for the schedule from front desk officers.

  • If you want to swim with them make a rezervation. If you are not interested in that you can snorkel freely and live the natural marine life of Aegean and Mediterranean Sea.

  • There are lots of theme restorants along the Canal. One of them is named as Nemo, which is an underwater restorants. I suggest you to take your kids but before do not forget to make a rezervation.

  • Never miss the faboulous nite show along the canal which reminded me Cirque de Soleil. Mummies with the babies, you can watch the final of the show from your balcony if you have to be at your room.

  • The babies and the children will stay under sun all day long, so use sunlotion or swimming suits to prevent from sunburns.

  • Get ready for endless fun for all the family at Kingdom's lobby, where your children will find table tennis, pinball, air hockey, X-box and board games, racing each other at the video wall, getting creative with Jenga blocks, Play-Doh. This are all free of charge.

  • You can also can get a babysitter for hourly charge at Kingdom's baby house. The youngest guests can enjoy puppet shows, magic, high-tech science, parrots, cats, soap bubble shows, which are not free.

  • Bring your sanity bag with you, beacuse the facility has no doctor and out of medicine that you will need such as antifebrile...I have to write here for your notice, as this is the worst side of the hotel. The medical treatment is not enough. But for urgent situations they ask an ambulance from government hospital.

Dear parents,  I suggest you to slide down from rocket and Magicorn, get a ride at crazy river with children, have your drink at Wave shock bar, do not miss the Typhoon Coaster!!! Go to the spray action with your babies and get pictures for memories. Get your selfie on the boat at crazy river ;)

Goshh this place is so cool, I would like to go again just to live that adrenalin again.

So lets create your own legend for this summer at Land of Legends with children!!!


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